In ancient times, a continuous perpetual choir was maintained at places around the world, to resonate healing vibrations into the planet.   We wish to return physical perpetual choirs to help bring healing and raise consciousness.

To assist this process, we have been holding 'perpetual choirs' events in locations around the world.  

We have also put together a growing collective of musicians, singers and producers have been making music under the banner of The Perpetual Choirs.

A debut landmark album was released in 2012.  A album called 'One World' has been recorded around the world since 2013.  

In 2021 a flow of singles is being released.  On 21/3/21, the Archangel Michael Song is coming to the world via download/streaming and a fantastic video.

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Album Preview

Perpetual Choirs Tour Video

Archangel Michael & The Choirs


Top. Simon Lyon.  Tom Bryant.  Craig Pruess.  Marcus Cliffe.  Renata & Steven Ash.  Tina Bridgeman.  Christian Kyriacou.

Middle.  Richard Fish. Juliette Bryant.  Giles Bryant.  Free Love.  Julia Palmer-Price.  Simon Todd.  Russell Stone.

Bottom.  Ben Hubbard.  Jonathan Hugh.  Lucinda Drayton.  Anne Malone.  Graham Game.  Andy Blissett.  Hanif Khan.  Vijay Jagtap.

The new Perpetual Choirs album, One World, is currently being recorded.  So far band members have journied to India, Europe, Australia, England, North America & Brazil and the album is to be released later in 2021.

So far featuring Si Mullumby (Didgeridoo), Shyam Rastogi (Sitar), Sandeep Kewale (Tabla), Hari Shankar (Bansuri Flute), Giles Bryant (Guitars, Voice, Drums, Piano), Jonathan Hugh (cello), Mareike Beyer (harp), Tabla Tom (tabla), Elise Yuill (vocals), Pete Warnock (vocals).

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